Machine Paver

for asphalt and gravel

  • Laying of asphalt
  • Gravel spreading
  • Road shoulders and trenches
  • Correction layers
  • Sidewalk curbs
  • Waterways
  • Ruts

Redefine the maintenance of your road network with our convertible paver machines

Practical, economical, and versatile, our convertible paver machines can be installed on any loader. You can therefore carry out quickly, road widening, paving, or asphalt repair work and much more. Moreover, thanks to its heated levelling screed, our paver machines are the only ones in the industry that can fill trenches after repairing sidewalks according to the highest quality standards.

Our paving system transformed into a gravel spreader in action !


Heated leveling screed


Auger for asphalt


Conveyor belt for gravel


Large capacity bin with hydraulic table


Extendable hydraulic screed

Available options

  • Wireless hydraulic controls
  • Laser equipped for better visual guidance
  • Heated leveling screed
  • Chute extension
  • Auger extension

Auger extension

Floating coupler

Easily adaptable to fit different types of machinery

Hydraulic Screed

Extendable up to 72 inches (182 cm). Positive and negative slope inclination

Removable auger

For controlled spreading of asphalt

Removable conveyor

For a controlled spreading of gravel

Chute extension for sidewalks and curbs