About us

Rapid Industries was founded as a result of the need for worker in the paving industry to offer an alternative to existing equipment that does not meet certain specific needs. Rapid Industries is a company that develops, manufactures, and sells specialized paving equipment. Inspired by experts, Rapid Industries offers innovative equipment that is easy to operate, manoeuverable, and tested in operating conditions.

Only Rapid Industries manufactures efficient equipment for both gravel and asphalt, offering a conveyor belt system for gravel and an auger system for asphalt. The interchangeable system optimizes the use of the equipment for better results. Rapid Industries is the only company in the world to offer an interchangeable device on the same equipment.

Not only does Rapid Industries offer quality equipment, but also distinguishes itself by its customer service and proximity to the operators. In the context of labour shortages, the use of Rapid Industries equipment enables significant savings in time, training, and operators.


Rapid Industries is a company that designs, manufactures and sells dual-purpose paving systems for spreading gravel and asphalt for paving companies and municipalities in Quebec and North America.


Rapid Industries stribes to be a company considered and recognized as a partner in the optimixation of paving work and an innovative solution to the industry’s needs.


At Rapid Industries, concern for product quality, irreproachable service, and being close to our customers is the driving force behind all our actions.